Every year my family spends a week on a house boat at Lake Powell where it can get extremely hot in the day time. I’d like to build a mist system using pvc pipes and mist spray heads to help cool us down.

I’m not sure what kind of water pump to buy? I’ve looked at different kinds from submersible to non-submersible, all with different amounts of PSI and GPM. I am not familiar with water pumps and could use some community insight.

I want to make sure the pump I get does not burn out because of the back pressure it will get due to the mist heads only allowing a little water to escape at a time.

I imagine my mist system would have 8 – 12 heads, reaching no more then 30 feet from water source to the end.

Any pointers? Thanks!

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  1. T C says:

    I am assuming your water source will be the lake ….
    I would be looking at a submersible pump possibly a pond pump but you need to know what the “lift” is going to be …from the point where you string the mister to the pump {possibly a 15 foot lift} and a pump that will give you at least 25psi.
    Because you are going to have back pressure, the submersible will reduce the risk of burn out.
    Also you need to build a simple enclosed container this pump can sit in, with at least a 4”water inlet hole covered with mosquito netting, nylon hosiery, or something to filter the water….otherwise you will constantly be removing the mister heads to clean

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