I have a Jeep wrangler and i am looking at boats i found a nice 18ft 4cylinder 120hp inbord out board it listes the weight as 2500lbs in nada and 2800lbs in the add. does that include the weight of the trailer or just the boat. My towing limit is 2500. I live in utah and will be going up and down moutains. the trailer does have breaks will this be ok

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  1. stephen d says:

    this is the dry weight of the boat and engine in this circumstance only. plan on another 600# for a good single axle trl. with gear,gas and everything else you are going to put in the boat you will be well over the 2500# limit.sorry,personnally i would not tow this load with your tow vehicle. so what do i do? you keep the jeep wrangler because it is so much fun and purchase a ’96-’98 V-8 grand cherekee as your tow vehicle (6500# tow rating) and this will allow you to get a bigger boat when you get sick. OH!!! sickness is called "TWO-FOOT ITIS". the only other way to use your nice wrangler (i like wranglers) is to change your thinking and get away from fiberglass (heavy) and switch to aluminum (light) boats with an outboard motor. less work and money all around. just my opinion.

  2. science teacher says:

    It is not with the trailer.

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