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  1. Elle says:

    I totally agree. I want to be out skiing right now more than anything, and it’s still only July! It sucks, doesn’t it?
    I’ve never been to Bear Lake, but I go to Snowbird every year, and it usually starts getting snow anywhere from September to November. (Last season I believe it got about a foot of snow somewhere near September 16th. Though they opened November 18th. )
    Soo long to wait!
    Maybe Bear Lake is different, but that is the weather I’ve noticed at Snowbird.

    It would be sick if it started snowing in like June- or even better, kept snowing all year long!


  2. Hayley says:

    Umm….. I live in Utah, but I’m not sure when it starts to snow in Bear Lake.

  3. ImprovChick says:

    Not until Autumn (anywhere from September to November, depending on the weather so far.)!

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