I just recently bought a vacation ownership (similar to a timeshare) and want to take my boyfriend somewhere for his birthday. His birthday is awhile away (October 9). I am looking for somewhere romantic that has fun activities and entertainment. I don’t want it to be too quiet or boring of a place. I am looking for somewhere with a romantic/pretty landscape where we can sightsee but I want to take him to do fun activities too. I haven’t been outside California much so I need feedback on the locations I had in mind. Here are the locations I had in mind:

1.Estes Park, Colorado
2.Steamboat Springs, Colorado
3.McCall, Idaho
4.New Orleans, Louisiana
5.West Yellowstone, Montana
6.South Shore, Nevada
7.Depoe Bay, Oregon
8.Eagle Crest, Oregon
9.Gleneden, Oregon
10.Running Y, Oregon
11.Seaside, Oregon
12.Bear Lake, Utah
13.Midway, Utah
14.St. George, Utah
15.Wolf Creed, Utah
16.Birch Bay, Washington
17.The Camlin, Washington
My boyfriend and I got the vacation ownership together so he will like pretty much any of the places I have listed. He isn’t picky, just like me. We just want to get out, see new places and experience new things. He will be damn happy with any places I take him. And please do not suggest any locations that I didn’t list. I haven’t afford to just go anywhere…that is the point!

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8 Responses

  1. Summer hiker says:

    Wow, you have some gret choices.
    Estes Park rocks, lots to do in the Estes, plus Rocky Mountain National Park is right there.
    I live in Utah, and while Midway (near Park City), Bear Lake, and Wolf Creek are beautiful, October is kind of the off season, cold, but not enough snow to ski.
    The weather in October should be great in St. George, and you will be driving distance from a number of awesome national parks, including Zion and Bryce.
    So I guess my first choice is #1, second choice is #14.
    Have fun!

  2. briannnella says:

    Bear Lake=) it’s a pretty place.

  3. Ashleigh V says:

    Depending on if you like the outdoors or not, take him to Moab Utah.BEAUTIFUL. It may be too cold by then, if that’s the case take him to Vail. If you can afford it.

  4. Pete M says:

    If it’s for his birthday, then you should take him somewhere he would really like, not necessarily that you like. I’m sure, you would like it that way if roles were reversed. What place do you think is best for him?

  5. Btittney M says:

    #5.. west yellostone if it’s anywhere near yellowstone i am sure they have little cabins around you guys could stay at and then you would have lots of beautiful things to see together it would be an exprierence that both of u would enjoy

  6. rooster_nugget says:

    born and raised in seaside, OR. i wouldnt recommend it for the october months. its mainly a spring summer town. most of the fun touristy things to do will be starting to close down by then. the camlin (im assuming, in downtown seattle) is nice, good location there is always plenty to do in seattle (where i reside now). otherwise i will suggest something on the east coast? maine or conn. or something. its beautiful during the autumn color change months. yellowstone would be a lot of fun.

  7. faith_lillie says:

    # five would be my anwser

  8. Craig C says:

    Why not New Orleans? It seems to be completely different then the other places you’ve listed, and I’ve heard the downtown tourist area is still in good shape.

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