My fiance and I are still in college and he is about to leave on a mission for two years. Our friends want to take him on a trip somewhere pretty cheap, since we are poor college students. We will be in NM and want to try to stay in the four corners. I just want ideas where to go and some fun things to do. We have thought of Havasupai (booked till July its a no go) Lake Powell, Salt Lake, Navajo Lake. thanks for any ideas :)

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  1. Mark M says:

    In some places in the world where it is a normal and accepted practice to camp on any open land, even privately-owned land. But for the most of the world, and specifically in the USA, camping without permission of the land owner is trespassing and subject to tickets, fines, possible confiscation of your gear and even the possibility of a stay in lock-up until the authorities sort you out. And all land is owned by someone or some organization, be that a private individual, a company or a government agency.

    Your least expensive options would be a BLM area or National Forest with dispersed camping. Dispersed camping usually requires no reservations, but some high-volume areas (usually only in national forests) may have a limit on how many campers can be in a given location at once, with either a first-come, first-served or lottery method of deciding who gets to camp.

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