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East Canyon Reservoir is a large reservoir behind the northern Wasatch Front. It drains the Snyderville Basin area, including Park West Ski Resort. Close proximity to population centers on the northern Wasatch Front and a well equipped State Park make this a very popular reservoir for year round recreation.

The current dam, a concrete arch, was created in 1966. The spillway is a spectacular waterfall off the west side of the dam. The reservoir shoreline is owned by the State of Utah, and public access is unrestricted. Vehicular access to the west side of the reservoir is restricted. In addition to recreational use the reservoir water is used for irrigation (90%), and culinary (10%). As urban sprawl continues to displace agricultural lands, the fraction consumed for culinary purposes is expected to increase.

East Canyon Reservoir is in East Canyon between I80 and I-84. The all year access is U-66 from Morgan (Exit 103 off I-84). Alternate routes U-65 from the south (Exit 134 off I-80 in Parley’s Canyon) or the north (Exit 115 off I-84 in Henefer). U-66 follows the north shore of the reservoir, while U-65 follows the east shore. There is access to the southern half of the west shore by a gravel road off U-65. Driving time is about 1/2 hour from the mouth of either Parley’s or Weber Canyons.

Cross-country skiing, fishing, boating, sailboarding, swimming, camping, picnicking, ice fishing, and water skiing are all popular. In 1992, the state park recorded 108,395 visitors, ranging from 252 visitors in December to 25,716 in June.

Recreational facilities include a wide concrete boat ramp, modern rest rooms with showers, sewage disposal, a 31 unit campground with a large overflow area, and fish cleaning stations. A concessionaire provides a snacks and boat rentals. The park is located on U-66 on the north shore of the reservoir, one mile west of the junction with U-65. Entrances are well marked. There are no other campgrounds in the area, and little public land for dispersed camping. East Canyon Resort is located near the southern end of the reservoir. The resort has a wide range of facilities available to the public.

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