Big Sand Wash Reservoir is in the Uinta Basin north of Duchesne and Roosevelt. It is a large reservoir and is popular for water recreation. It is located on a terrace along the Lake Fork River, receiving river water via canal.

Big Sand Wash Reservoir was created in 1965 by the construction of an earth-fill dam. The reservoir shoreline is 98% privately owned, with the state owning a small segment of shoreline at the boat ramp. Public access is unrestricted. Water is consumed for irrigation, but also used for recreation and coldwater aquatic habitat. Changes in water use are unlikely. However, some adjustments may be required if the reservoir is enlarged as planned under the Central Utah Project. The reservoir is also noteworthy for a large fleet of inoperative 1957 Chevrolets parked nearby.

Big Sand Wash Reservoir is located on U-87 one mile north of the village of Upalco in the Uinta Basin. From US40, turn north at milepost 98.2 (about 9 miles east of Duchesne), northwest on old US-40 towards Bridgerland. Follow this road for a mile, then north-east and north on a paved country road for about 8 miles to U-87. Turn left on U-87 and continue north for 2 miles, through Upalco, to where U-87 bends to the northwest. At the bend, continue due north on an unpaved county road for 0.75 miles to the boat ramp access. Pedestrian access is possible from U-87.

At milepost 105 (16 miles east of Duchesne), there is a sign to a Big Sand Wash Boatramp south of the highway. This is not Big Sand Wash Reservoir.

Fishing is the primary recreational use of the reservoir. The 1,200 acre-foot conservation pool provides permanent fish habitat. Boating is the only other major recreational use of the reservoir, but swimming and waterskiing are possible.

The boat ramp and some privies are the only recreational facilities at the reservoir. There are numerous USFS campgrounds north of the reservoir along the Lake Fork and Yellowstone Rivers. There is a private campground in Roosevelt (see info box).


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