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I watched 127 hours before bed and I dreamt I was at lake powell Utah with a old friend I haven’t seen or talked to in years. I was trying to get him to have sex with me or something and he kept saying no. Also there were many old ruins and statues of people […]

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My boyfriend just moved in to his apt…I brought over a few things to hold him over but I want to cook dinner there tonight. We had pasta last night, so I don’t want that again.. He has… 1 large frying pan 1 large sauce pan and lid 1 colander 1 wooden spoon 1 cutting […]

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my family is going on vacation in the middle of march for about 5 days. we live in salt lake, utah so suggestions within no more than 6 hours of flying would be helpful. there must be a beach or somewhere to go boating perhaps-we’ve been to california alot but still welcome more narrowed down […]

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