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My friend & I are going tenting for a couple days. We will have a fire ring only for cooking. Anyone have any suggestions on what I could cook and how to cook it other than hot dogs on a stick or s’mores? Haven’t been camping since I was a kid. Thanks!

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Hi, I want to purchase this 12ft boat. It has a 9.5hp Evinrude motor. (Are those motors any good). It says it is registered for the year (Do you have any idea what registration is in Utah yearly). And the last thing is, the trailer is good, but do you think it will last? Also, […]

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Hello, I want to purchase a 14′ boat. It has a 5hp Briggs and Stratton. What I want to know is, do you know the approximate cost of insurance, or how much registratio would cost? I live in Utah, and I tried looking on the DMV’s website for all of this, but couldnt find it. […]

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