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My son will be 9 1/2 months when we take our vacation. We’re going to be on a houseboat for a week on Lake Powell. The lake is on the Utah/Arizona border, so I’ll need to know what the state regulations are. Do I need a lifejacket for my son? I’ve looked around and can’t […]

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My family and I are going on a houseboating trip on lake powell over summer. My cousins, grandparents, parent, aunt, uncle and his girlfriend will be there. The kids ages are 11, 12, 13 ,15 ,and 16. We will have a houseboat, jet ski, speed boat, water skis, tubes. and water slide. We will probably […]

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Is there a place that doesn’t cost too much? There was a book published about our family, my great grandparents came here on a boat from Italy, their last name was Potesta, the authors last name was Poccaro , he lived in Utah. I can’t find the book and I don’t know what it is […]

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