You know it’s true. There’s nothing better than gliding across a lake filled with pristine glass, nature at its best passing you, as humid pockets of warm air rush to embrace you along your way. That’s what we’re all about, getting you out there to experience it. Helping you leave work, your boss, and the stress all behind in your wake. Bringing man back to his roots, to what he was meant to do, play on water. It really doesn’t even require a mountain worth of faith to do it.

Whether you’re a first timer or an old timer, we’re here to help you get the best out of the few days that time away has afforded you. Where do we go? What is the weather like? Will it be crowded? What’s the newest toy? Where do I get it? How can I connect with people just like me for recommendations? Please notice the resources available, Links for Lakes, Rules and Regulations, Current Boating, Weather, Photos, Forums, Recommended Gear, Help for beginners, and more.

So, hitch up your “Summa Home”, “TOY-4-US”, “Propduster”, or “Wake Maker”. Take your “Vitamin Sea” and bust out of here “for the hull of it”, and we’ll see you on the “wet side”.

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