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Last year we went to Deer Creek Reservoir and saw some neighbors playing on these Bullfrog Floating Foam Pads. They had so much fun and ALL the kids in the group just kept playing on it non-stop; I was amazed. I watched as the kids would walk over the top as if they could walk on water. They would wrestle on it and roll around, every once in a while falling or rolling off the edge, falling into the deep water. They’d swim around and then climb back on and with a beaming smile on their face.


(Photo credit: Amazon)

I became so curious about all the ruckus that I had to ask them what it was called and where they got it. They said that a friend gave it to them as a gift. They really didn’t think it was that cool until they took it into the water and did they ever have fun! Their kids were definitely exhausted after a fun full day of playing on the Bullfrog Floating Foam Pad. They said that they loved it so much that they ran out and bought another. They come in two different sizes: 12′, 15′, and a 20′ with varying accessories. Learn more by clicking on the images.


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(Photo credit: Amazon)

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